We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing.

Our mission

We are setting up shop with the intention to enhance quality and increase accessibility of safe, sustainable and dignified housing opportunities. We wish to support working with recycled materials in construction, architecture and design. We facilitate local social initiatives that enable us to live better lives in a very physical, spatial sense.

A BRDA is the Polish equivalent of a typical A-Frame summer house. You know it well from our native vacation landscapes, dotted with pointy huts across the Tatra mountains to the Baltic sea. The idea for BRDA came to life in one of those brdas – after all, it is in our place of rest and refuge that optimism and new energy are born. The project of an A-Frame is functional, easily replicated, energy-efficient, simple, universal and warm. A gifted architect seems to be standing behind it, but copyright doesn’t really apply to the A-Frame – it is truly a house for all. This kind of housing is close to our hearts. Architecture based on those values should be accessible to anyone that needs refuge and dignified living conditions. A good home for all!

The attainability of sustainable solutions in housing and construction can be increased by smart use of recycled materials. Architecture based on a circular model, using resources we already have beneath our feet and hands is the only way to go in times of climate change. This is the architecture we wish to work towards, acting locally and globally through advocacy and research. Point made. An understanding of the idea of a home in a wider, regional sense encompasses taking care of our surroundings. We wish to promote urbanism that considers the environment and the people that change it. Together with local communities we can create a friendlier city and a frendlier countryside. On our side, this means advocacy regarding tenders and competitions for builders and architects, workshops with citizens, naming the potential and resources already at hand. This means research, reports and searching for sustainable ways to build what surrounds us.

As of now, we continue to dig deeper into the world of reuse building materials and help efforts in Ukraine. As long as there is war, our priorities are clear – we will do everything we can to help those, who lost their homes. Reuse is a chance to do so.

It’s time for construction sites to become a space of social activism. Three, two, one, go.