We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!
PS We're opening our store soon!


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Facebook: Fundacja BRDA
Instagram: Fundacja BRDA
Mail: kontakt@fundacjabrda.org
KRS: 0000977888
NIP: 5213973491
REGON: 52237258800000

Account number: PL66 1600 1462 1749 5523 3000 0001
Bank: BNP Paribas

Address: ul. Belwederska 36/38, 00-594 Warsaw


Email us at:
Project WINDOW: okno@fundacjabrda.org
Zofia Jaworowska: kontakt@fundacjabrda.org
Petro Vladimirov: petro@fundacjabrda.org

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