We bring circular economy closer to architecture and design, cocreating a sustainable and socially engaged building sector. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!

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Our team


Zofia Jaworowska, chairwoman: Activist with professional experience in the non-profit sector. Graduated from the University of Warsaw with a BA in Philosophy, followed by an MA in Social Anthropology (Goldsmith’s College, London) and screenwriting studies (FAMU, Prague and Wajda School, Warsaw). Merging social engagement with creative work, she developed communication strategies and coordinated projects in the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation, the Kościuszko Foundation and SEXED.PL Foundation. She also created the Polish chapter of Refugees Welcome; that experience, among others, sparked the idea to found Grupa Zasoby, a grassroots initiative that supported thousands of Ukranian refugees in finding housing in Poland. District councillor for Warsaw’s Mokotów. She founded BRDA and keeps the foundation growing, in order to expand the space for good, safe, sustainable cities.

Petro Vladimirov: Ukrainian architect and interdisciplinary artist. Project leader in the Direction office. Graduated from the Department of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. During his engineer degree, he gained experience in the School of Arts and Communication at the Malmö University. He worked in Ukraine, as well as at the Henning Larsen office in Denmark. He took part in numerous artistic and research projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Denmark. In BRDA, responsible for project coordination and Polish-Ukrainian contacts.


Zygmunt Borawski: architect and journalist, graduate of the Architecture Academy in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Founder of the international architecture office A-A Collective, which is currently bringing one of the most exciting projects in Warsaw to life – building the Central Square in the capital. Between 2015-2020, Zygmunt worked as the Architecture and Design section editor for ‚Przekrój’. Since 2020, he works solo, creating projects of private houses, pavillions and exhibitons. A lecturer at the Department of Architecture (Politechnika Warszawska) since 2021. Passionate about late-modernist office architecture in the US.

Katarzyna Kunda: legal counselor, graduate of the Department of Law and Administration at the Warsaw University. Additionally, she graduated with honors from the School of America Law (American Law Center, UW) and the IP Law School. Worked for both Polish and international law offices; she is currently working as an in-house in the PSP sector. Her area of expertise centers around data security, intellectual property law and new technologies. Author of publications on personal data. Avid reader, sharing her love of books on Instagram (Przeczytanko).

Julia Olesińska: project manager and researcher. Cultural Anthropology graduate (University of Warsaw), studied in Vienna, Brno, Sevilla and Bologna. For many years, she coordinated projects in the Shipyard Social Innovation Center. Expert in the field of climate change and sustainable energy, with experienced gained in a Berlin research institute. Currently, after several years spent in non-profit organizations, she works as the Community Engagement Leader for IKEA, where she creates projects centered around sustainability and engaging local communities. Mother of three daughters – you can imagine the power.




WE ARE JOINED BY Nicola Cholewa, Jakub Derulski, Kaja Gadomska, Robert Godlewski, Kamil Jarmocewicz, Janina Jurkowska, Michał Krasucki, Monika Kuna, Jan Lutyk, Oleksandra Maiboroda, Wojciech Mazan, Zuzanna Mielczarek, Magdalena Morawik, Adam Przywara, Kateryna Shylo, Michał Sikorski