We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!
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The BUDO research workshop was conducted by the BRDA Foundation together with the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU), as an introduction to a substantial, complex approach to material reuse in Poland.

As part of the November and December sessions, a group of experts in the fields of architecture, social engagement, IT and e-commerce set out the framework for our online platform, that will allow us to aggregate and describe materials, so that they are suitable for reinstallation. The workshop was conducted by Agnieszka Sikorska.

The first workshop allowed us to narrow down the topics we will be tackling at the first stage of the BUDO project. We already know that reimplementation of reclaimed materials, the possibility to store them, recertify them, is an expensive and challenging process. That is why in the first phase of the project we wish to concentrate on finishing materials, windows, doors, flooring or lighting. Those kinds of objects are available to obtain at deconstruction sites at a lower cost. We also named the main target groups of our activities and the values they will be looking for in our program.

This was the basis for our second workshop, during which we were designing the basics of the online platform. It will serve as a database for expert knowledge on deconstruction and reuse, it will allow donators to present their building materials and non-profits and local institutions to book them. Finally, the platform will serve as a simple shop where we sell reused materials, in order to finance our social projects.

Participants: Joanna Lickiewicz (NIAiU), Denis Lyskovch (UX design), Zofia Jaworowska (BRDA), Oleksandra Maiboroda (graphic design), Zuzanna Mielczarek (NIAiU), Anastasya Ponomaryova (Urban Curators/Metalab), Adam Przywara (BRDA), Agnieszka Sikorska (facilitation), Michał Sikorski (TŁO architecture studio), Ludwik Trammer (platform design), Petro Vladimirov (BRDA), Maria Zaleska (STÖK, e-commerce)


Kudos to BUDO!


Project carried out in collaboration with the National Institut of Architecture and Urban Planning.