We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing.

About the project

Yay, hurray! We are very excited to share some good news – we are launching our BUDO research project together with the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning. Our goal? To create a tool that will enable us to map and catalog available reusable building materials, not only from private homeowners, but most of all from producers, distributors and construction companies. Why do we need such a tool? In order to redistribute those materials through the most cost-efficient way to those, who need them the most – to vulnerable communities in Poland and Ukraine, who lost their home or due to low income need support in creating dignified living conditions.


It started with windows sent to Kyiv. The project showed the enormous socioeconomic potential in reused building materials and elements. The numbers around the country are impressive. Reuse – giving a second life to windows, doors, roof elements, any construction materials for that matter, without stripping them of their original shape – this is the most sustainable direction we can follow in architecture. Why we are convinced this is a valuable research area.


And is it possible to recycle glass from old, wooden windows? Maybe, maybe, we just might see…


Together with NIAiU we will carefully assess the number and quality of building materials available for reuse in Poland. Further, we wish to measure the needs for the latter in Poland and Ukraine. Together with architects and engineers we will assess the parameters that each element should meet, in order for it to be reintroduced on the market with our help. We will be preparing for agency in the area of building law, especially in the domain of demolition and introducing reused elements in new buildings, making it easier for architects to reach for them. Based on the gathered knowledge, we wish to create a prototype of an online tool, that will serve as a database and way to redistribute materials to places, where they are needed the most.


Kudos to BUDO!


Project carried out in collaboration with the National Institut of Architecture and Urban Planning.