We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!
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Ukrainian partners

Those are our key partners – non-profit organizations from all over Ukraine, where are windows are sent directly to be later on distributed to those in need.


Unity and Strength

The Unity and Strength Foundation focuses on reconstruction in the Kharkiv region – that’s where most of our windows is currently being sent. The team in Kharkiv supports the reconstruction of the Kamyanka village, where war losses are major and which needs urgent support. That’s where you will find 85 pink windows from the Atrium demolition site as well as windows donated by the Opole hospital. We are supporting Kamyanka, Izium, Tsyrkuny and all volunteers, thanks to which our windows reach those, who need them the most. Follow Unity and Strength on Instagram.



Svoi Lydu

Svoi Lydu is our key partner in the Kherson region. The non-profit deals with…. grassroots reconstruction of course! After the explosion of the Khakovka dam, the Svoi Lydu team focused on supporting citizens in obtaining humanitarian aid, food and drinkable water. Kherson is also one of our major recipients of windows from the Warsaw Atrium building. You can check out their amazing work here.


District #1 Foundation

Our key partner in the first edition of the WINDOW project. It’s in District #1’s storage that our 617 windows are currently waiting for their next and final journey. Amazing people, who daily support the reconstruction of destroyed buildings in the Kyiv Oblast. Currently, the Foundation is working on a kindergarden in Veselka, and is wrapping up the renovation of an elementary school in Hostomel (where we sent 23 windows together with Dankar, a window factory from Zgierz. BTW, the windows are already installed! Check out Petite Ecole Instagram for more news!). That’s two out of numerous reconstruction projects that are under way. You can follow their hard work on two Instagram accounts: Hostomel school and the Foundation’s profile.


Metalab Foundation – CO-HATY Project

Co-Haty (the name of the project combines ‘cohabitation’ and ‘kochanie’, which means ‘loving’ both in Polish and Ukranian – so cool!) is a project coordinated by Metalab Foundation, an academic center for research on sustainable urbanism. Metalab is based in Ivano-Frankivsk, where a vast number of IDPs from Eastern Ukraine has relocated. As part of Co-Haty, the team is creating 10 prefab housing unites adjusted to the needs of refugee families. They are also renovating empty buildings in the city, turning old university dorms into apartment blocks. Read more about Co-Haty here.


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