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The first edition of project WINDOW (OKNO) is behind us. It’s a moving, energetic action based on partnership, fitness (yes, yes!) and the potential in building material reuse. This project came to life straight from our hearts – from the need to support our Ukrainian neighbors and friends in rebuilding homes and public buildings destroyed during air raids and home invasions. It used resources, that remained dormant and penetrated the building sector, which so far hasn’t been associated with the chance for effective, low-cost social engagement. Today, we are confident this must change. A huge thank you and shout out to all our donors, who gave us both windows and financial support, as well as volunteers, who enabled safe packaging. Thanks to you, hundreds of windows reached Kyiv without a scratch. There are currently hundreds of Ukrainians who can look outside their homes, wave to their friends, communicate with the world through unshattered glass. A window from Lisków might have landed in Bucha, a window from Radom might have been installed in Irpin, Wieliczka met Chernihiv… it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks again, as we keep on going.



01.07 Launching the project, website is up and running, campaign begins online on www.pomagam.pl/projektokno

03.07 First donation of windows

29.07 Window pickup from the Radom region

4.08 Grassroots reconstruction – online meeting carried out with Dom Odbudowy Ukrainy (link to meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSe_bR8InNE&ab_channel=NarodowyInstytutArchitekturyiUrbanistyki)

5.08-07.08 Window pickup from the Poznan region

17.08 Window pickup from the Lodz region

18.08 Window pickup from the Warsaw region

24.08 First windows arrive in a public school in Hostomel, Kyiv oblast

02.09-03.09 – Opolskie, śląskie, małopolskie regions

07.09 Last pickups around Warsaw

10.09 First packing day spent with volunteers

12.09 – 13.09 Transport leaves Warsaw and reaches Kyiv!

17.09 Second packing day spent with volunteers

19.09 – 20.09 Final window transport leaves the Polish capital and arrives in Kyiv.



– 628 windows sent and distributed
– 396 donations via pomagam.pl (spent during the first edition)
– 45 private donors
– 11 production companies in the project
– 6 partners – non-profit organizations in Ukraine
– 31 cities, from which windows travelled to Ukraine
– 12 journeys around Poland and transports to Ukraine in total
– Over 20 publications in Polish media, 5 in Ukrainian media, 8 radio performances and 1 television appearance in Ukraine


OKNO 2.0 has already launched. We are reaching and travelling further, reporting as we go!