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Collecting windows in London

The London action of collecting reclaimed windows from citizens took place between 10.04.2023-10.05.2023. Its aim was to draw attention to the important topic of grassroots reconstruction of Ukraine and to engage Londoners in a socially impactful project.

Poland at the London Design Biennale

The 2023 London Design Biennale touched upon the theme of ‘remapping collaborations’, putting international, interdisciplinary cooperation in architecture and design in the spotlight. New forms of working together were also the heart of this year’s Polish pavilion at the Biennale. The authors of the exhibition explored Polish-Ukrainian partnerships amidst war. The ‚Poetics of Necessity’ exhibition was an attempt to describe relationships, objects and processes which emerge during those times of crisis. At the center of the pavilion you could find reused windows – an installation inspired by our WINDOW project.

And we did this all over again in London!

Windows for Ukraine – call to action

The Polish pavilion featured an installation of 30 windows, which were donated to the organizers by citizens of London and UK based enterprises between the 10th of April and 10th of May. The windows you saw in Somerset House during the London Design Biennale joined those sent to Kharkiv from Warsaw, becoming part of humanitarian aid efforts. 

If there is any way you feel you can still contribute to our cause – feel free to write to us at any time at okno@fundacjabrda.org. The Windows for Ukraine action is all about working together – from Ukraine, Poland, through Switzerland, all the way to the UK <3