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STRABAG: windows for Ukraine

In March 2023, the BRDA Foundation sparked a collaboration with the international building company STRABAG. We participated in the demolition of the Atrium Plaza in Warsaw. As part of our project, the STRABAG company donated 215 windows to the Foundation, which were all sent to non-profits working on reconstruction in Ukraine, as part of the OKNO project.

 „(…) The BRDA Foundation was responsible for the “recycling” of the office building. As much as 70 procent of the building will be reused. Various elements of the building will be salvaged, such as marble pedestals, flooring, wall cladding and elements of the facade. Other parts will join a good cause. Thanks to the BRDA Foundation, two hundred Atrium International windows will head to Ukraine, where they will be used to rebuild houses destroyed due to war. (…)Nasze Miasto

Dismantling windows in Atrium Plaza, conducted by Grupa TREE, © STRABAG SE


Project outcomes: 

  • We managed to engage a building company in a humanitarian aid project. 
  • Windows went to Ukraine. Other materials, such as mirrors and glass elements will be sold at ou store; part will be donated to non-profits dealing with housing. This is real help. Real impact
  • We salvaged 17 tons of building materials. Instead of ending on a landfill, they found new homes (and the deconstruction company saved money).
  • We identifed and matched different entities in the project (STRABAG, TREE, Ukrainian and Polish NGOs). 


Atrium window delivery to Moshchun, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine © District #1