We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!
PS We're opening our store soon!

About the store



The BUDO store offers selected reclaimed building materials. All the money from your purchases supports our socially engaged and humanitarian aid projects at the Foundation.

Incorporating material reuse into architecture and design is a testimony of the fact, that we have enough. It means transitioning from egotistic design to designing based on collaboration (because you can borrow a material from someone’s project without aesthetic compromise). It measn turning towards new, creative thinking – what can we do with what already exists? How to use those vast resources that are at hand?

How the store works:

  1. We obtain materials.
    We receive building materials as donations, from both large investors and individual donors.
  2. We add them to BUDO.
    Our store is primarily dedicated to designers, who wish to incorporate material reuse into their projects, as well as adventurous individuals!
  3. We donate them.
    Part of the materials will be further donated to non-profit organizations that deal with housing and reconstruction, in Poland and Ukraine.

If a building component is intact, works and is fit for reuse/reinstsallation, or simply has a small defect that doesn’t disable us from using it – we will gladly accept the donation and find a good purpose for it!


We accept the following materials and objects: 

Woodwork, cladding, doors, windows: Doors (indoor and outdoor), with frames | Windows (wood, aluminum, PVCu, roof) | Door knobs and handles | Dropped ceilings | Floors (including elevated flooring) | Wall and ceiling panels | Partitions

Furniture: Tables | Chairs | Drawers | Wardrobes | Desks | Bookshelves | Coffee tables  | Stools  | Nightstands

Lighting: Lighting fixtures | Ceiling lamps | Hanging lamps | Floor lamps | Table lamps | Wall lamps | Emergency lighting |  Garden lighting | Nightlamps    

Sanitary: Toilets and bidets | Bathroom and kitchen sinks | Bathroom mirrors | Bathroom hangers and handles | Faucets