We are setting up shop with the intention to initiate change in housing. Material reuse rocks and we're here to show you why!
PS We're opening our store soon!

About the project

BUDO is a project that taps into the potential of reuse buidling materials and reclaimed furnishings.

We support material reuse in architecture and design. We help partners in the building sector to meet EU’s newest sustainable development goals. Thanks to our projects, we lower the carbon footprint emission and the amount of waste generated at deconstruction sites. Finally, we help boost ESG values for planned investments.

At BUDO we:

  • deal with selective decsonstruction: our team will come, dissasemble and pick up the materials, lowering the costs on the side of the demolishing company.
  • boost ESG values in terms of sustainability and social engagement, successfully matching reclaimed materials with the foundation’s clients.
  • plan the process of dissasembly and organize audits before the process. We support our partners through consulting.
  • sell selected building materials and furnishings at our online store. All our earnings are spent on the Foundation’s socially engaged projects.
  • are creating a know-how catalog and are constantly learning about material reuse to spread the word around the country.

Feel free to contact Petro for future collaboration.

Petro Vladimirov, project coordinator